Friday, 5 August 2011

Premium Beautiful Lingerie Anti Cancer

Premium Beautiful Lingerie Anti Cancer

Premium Beautiful, underwear dotted with Far infrared light is proven to rejuvenate the health, beauty and elegance.
• Formation of Breast Contour Series
• Slimming and forming magnificent breasts
• Waist Contour Series formation
• Slim and shape contour waist to look slimmer
• Series of contour formation Hips
• Keeps your tummy and shape the contours of interest

Experience ...
The formation of a properly powered clothes in beautiful premium

The beauty will prevail to the formation of an attractive body contour and balance. Beautiful dotted with Far Infrared Rays (FIR), which proved to rejuvenate the overall health.

Product of the combined expertise of the Japanese and German technology was able to restore the body that had been desired by all women.

Beautiful lingerie is not normal .. it:

• It gives immediate effect to secure without the need for medication, perform surgery or exercise.
• Made from fabric AKWATEK TM and TM AKWADYNE blended with water. Sweat absorption and ventilation is good, comfortable and not be bound during wear.
• scientifically designed for cuddling, massaging and form a body to cut your desired body
• Soft and comfortable on your skin
• comfortable fabric and ventilation
• Best worn throughout the day for maximum effectiveness. Woven and embroidered with "Far Infrared Rays"
• It is recognized by the association of spine specialists in the United States, Canada and Quebec

Beautiful FIR is made from ...
32 layers of woven fabric embroidered with the issue of FIR waves.
It has a wave 4 ~ 16u. However, some studies found that water molecules in the gel-gel on the human body organs and ranged, the frequency of vibration of the same preformance. With the application of the reaction products with FIR resonance will occur automatically and molecules in the body will vibrate with a more active and stronger.

The result more heat is removed, the blood vessels expand, blood flow more smoothly, the delivery of nutrients throughout the body more efficiently. Next the body is fresher and healthier.

16 privilege FIR

1. Helps correct the blood flow in the body
2. Helps increase metabolism
3. Help correct and restore the respiratory system
4. Helps prevent bacterial growth
5. Help sweat acid
6. Help promote a more orderly growth
7. Helps maintain vitality in the body
8. Help reduce the acid in the blood
9. Help reduce the pain in the body or illness
10. Helps sleep more soundly
11. Helps to eliminate body odor
12. Help eliminate mold and fungus
13. Help clean the air in the body
14. Help maintain the body temperature of heat
15. Help correct the body's nervous system automatically
16. Helps to prevent cancer cell proliferation in the body

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